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Artistic Plaza

Artistic Plaza is the designing side of Miguel and Carlos Severiche. Here you can find cool T-Shirts, graphics, stickers and merchandising. Music related, of course! 

Relax, The Guitar Player is Here - T-Shirt

Relax, the guitar player is here is a cool design with a fun phrase for musicians and guitar players. Great for you to wear. Great gift to your friends.

from 13.65€

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A-List Music - T-Shirt

Cool Tee with one of my music brands on it. For A-List people!

from 13.65€

CSM Sounds - T-Shirt

Cool Tee with one another of my music brands. Wanna some vibes from CSM? Choose your size and get it on Etsy and Redbubble!

From 13.65€

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